I am so excited to be a part of this box set with these other incredible authors! We’re bringing you 20+ Urban Fantasy Books with Kickass Heroines for only .99! No damsels in distress here!

No damsels in distress here!

My contribution is titled A Witch’s Revenge.

When Henrietta discovers her powers as a witch, she is sent to Gladstone Cabin, a place where young witches and warlocks go to learn their craft, and study how to protect themselves from an evil warlock who fuels his own strength by stealing others magical powers.
Five years later, Henrietta now works at Gladstone Cabin mentoring the new incoming young witches. When she suffers a debilitating loss, she finds out her history isn’t what she’d been told. In order to protect everyone at the Cabin and exact her revenge for her loss, she’ll have to take on the evil warlock and enter the fight of her life to end his.
Like I said, this is a very limited release, so grab your copy today for only .99.

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