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Sunrise – Morgan Emerson

Sunrise Final - 1400x2100This is a free read! Go pick it up!


A woman who is scared to trust, and a man who thought he’d never love again.

Katherine Niccoli is a successful accountant with an impeccable reputation. She’s worked tooth and nail to improve her life, so she doesn’t have to depend on anyone again. She learned the hard way that men can’t be trusted—having been a teenage mom and suffering through an ugly marriage. She doesn’t risk getting involved anymore. She’s happy dating young, uncomplicated arm candy.

Miles Chase never thought he’d find love again. One steamy weekend in Cabo changed all that. Away for a weekend of playing golf with friends, Miles blew off his plans and enjoyed a passion-filled encounter with a gorgeous woman. When she was gone the next morning, he was left feeling empty and alone all over again.

When Miles meets Kat again at a charity fundraiser six months later, how can he convince her that she can trust him with her heart?


Chapter One

The Favor


Miles Chase easily spotted his son standing with the other families at the bottom of the escalators at the arrival terminal. The eager look everyone wore as they waited for their loved ones coming off the planes was always a joy to see. Kyle, though, stood at the outer edge of the large group, looking dapper in his sleek suit, and was looking down at his phone.

Watching a frown mar Kyle’s face, he worried that his son worked too much. He was too young to be so serious already. Just as Miles reached the bottom of the escalator, Kyle tucked his phone away and looked up. Miles lifted his hand, and Kyle stepped forward to embrace his dad. Miles patted his son on the back a few times before stepping back and studied him some more.

Even though Kyle was the spitting image of himself, Miles could still see some of his wife in him. A pang of sadness hit him when he thought of her not seeing how Kyle had turned out.

“You didn’t have to pick me up. I could’ve taken a cab, son,” Miles offered with his hand on Kyle’s shoulder.

“I know, Dad, but then who would’ve taken you to lunch?” Kyle smiled.

They had left the airport and climbed into Kyle’s Audi before they spoke again, making small talk about the local weather and what was happening back home in Georgia. Miles couldn’t help but notice his son jumped anytime his phone made a noise and was a bit distracted the whole drive.

They were finally settled down to eat at Miles’s favorite restaurant near the beach in Malibu before Kyle inquired about his sudden visit.

“It’s not that I don’t love seeing you, Dad, but this is your third trip in six months. Is everything okay? Something you’re not telling me?” Kyle asked with a concerned look.

Miles chewed his bite of steak and considered how to explain his feelings. He found it difficult since he couldn’t pinpoint anything specific, only that there was something bothering him. The usual loneliness and boredom that had plagued him since his wife died were there, but it was more than that lately. It was a soul-deep feeling of something missing from his life.

“If I’m being honest with you, son, I’d have to say I’m probably missing your mother. She’s been gone awhile now, but being near you always makes me feel closer to her, I guess,” he explained.

“I miss her too.” Kyle’s voice broke. Miles patted Kyle’s shoulder.

“Is that all that’s going on? How’s the business doing?”

“It’s great. We’re finally seeing a pretty solid upswing after the market took such a hit from the GFC. Robert and I were lucky we got into commercial real estate as well as the residential, so we’re turning a pretty nice profit.

“That’s great, Dad,” Kyle said. “So with business booming how are you able to get away so much?”

Miles smiled. “We’ve got some good people in place, son, we’ve been planning for this for a while now.”

Miles thought back to the conversation with his business partner about taking some time away, and Robert had been all for it. They’d set up some great managers a while ago to assist them, and they were both comfortable enough now to leave things in their capable hands.

“I suppose I’m feeling a bit restless, but that’s not really it either. It started, I guess, when I returned home from the weekend in Mexico six months ago where I met that woman,” Miles said. “It’s not everyday someone can touch you that deeply in such a short time.” Kyle nodded.

Miles would never forget Kat, the woman who’d rocked his world one steamy weekend in Cabo. At the resort for a weekend of golf with friends, all it had taken was one glance at the woman by the pool, looking like a movie star in her white bikini and sunglasses, and he’d forgotten all about golf.

He had never known her last name and was unable to track her down as Kyle had suggested he do when Miles told his son about her previously. He stared out the window of the restaurant as memories of that weekend flooded him. The smell of the lotion she used, the sound of the waves as they lay on the bed with the balcony doors open.


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Morgan Emerson’s a zoo keeper, a maid and a chauffeur on top of being a reader, writer and a daydreamer.  Morgan lives in the desert, on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona where she and her husband try to wrangle their three small children.  Her passion for reading started as a teenager, leading her to write poetry and short stories as an adult. She was inspired by another stay-at-home mom turned author to start writing herself, and her favourite characters are Alpha males and sassy women.

 A little about Bottom Drawer Publications


Read whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want.

Welcome to Bottom Drawer Publications. Our motto above says it all. Publishing both e-books plus print-on-demand for our novel-length books means that if you feel like something to read at any time of the day or night, you can download a reasonably-priced, quality book within minutes from your choice of booksellers, including our own digital shop. If you prefer to hold a paperback in your hands, our print-on-demand printer has presses in the US, UK, Europe and Australia, meaning shorter delivery times and lower postage costs to you.

We are an inclusive publisher, believing love is love, which is why you won’t see a separate LGBT genre—we publish hetero and gay fiction in all of our romance sub-genres:

Contemporary - Historical - Literary Drama – New Adult - Alternative Lifestyle
Paranormal – Sci-fi – Fantasy - Mystery -Thriller - Steampunk

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Sexy Stocking Stuffers Blog Hop!

bloghopgraphicWelcome to the Sexy Stocking Stuffers Blog Hop! The weather outside is frightful, but we’ve got some delightfully warm reads for you to snuggle up to for the holidays. The participating authors are turning up the heat with sexy snippets from their books and showering readers with generosity with individual giveaways of ebooks and swag! And of course there is the grand prize giveaway. Not only can you win a $50 Amazon gift card for yourself, you can also win one to gift to a friend, on us! So, be sure to check out each author’s blog (using the links below) for different chances to win, as well as entering the grand prize giveaway!


This blog hop and giveaway sponsored by:

Elise Marion

Carly Fall

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Alicia Michaels

Kacey Hammell

J.T. Cheyanne & V.L. Moon

Vivi Dumas

Casse NaRome


I’m sharing a sexy snippet from my book, Against the Ropes.
Five years ago Dylan Gomez had it all. He was an up-and-coming boxer with a loving girlfriend, and his sights were set on the big league. Then he let the hype of the fans inflate his ego—he thought he was invincible. That all changed when an alcohol-fueled decision altered theAgainst the Ropes 600x900 course of his life. He lost his girlfriend and then bit-by-bit his life crumbled around him.
Physical therapist, Regan Holloway, has coasted through life for the last five years. She’s been in the same place all that time and most of her things are still in boxes. Agreeing to a “friendly” date with a co-worker, she ends up ringside and face-to-face with the man she’d fled to forget—Dylan.
Dylan’s turning his life around and working his way back up the ranks; he’s got a big fight lined up in thirty days that will be his ticket back into the pros—if he can win. The only thing holding him back is an old shoulder injury and Regan not being by his side.
When Max, Dylan’s manager, convinces Regan to come with them and work on his shoulder for the fight, she knows she needs to keep things professional so that she won’t be hurt again.
In the thirty-day countdown to the big fight, secrets are revealed, their passion is reignited, and the past threatens to haunt their future. On fight day, Dylan and Regan are truly against the ropes.


Regan bent back into Cobra position feeling the wonderful curve in her spine and looked out the corner of her eye at Dylan.
They had moved the livingroom furniture around to make room for them both to fit in front of the television. Dylan was sweating profusely, breathing hard, and cursing under his breath.
“The spine is not meant to bend like this,” he muttered.
Regan said nothing, but inhaled deeply and moved into Cat-Cow as the woman on the TV told her to.
She had been wracking her brain the past couple of days on how to get Dylan to stretch more. As she suspected, his brawn was as flexible as stone, and as far as he was concerned, serious stretching was for “cheerleaders and ballet dancers,” as he so eloquently put it.
Exhaling, she rounded her spine and glanced over at Dylan again. He was going to be sore tomorrow.
The woman on the TV told them to move into Downward Dog, and Regan closed her eyes and pushed her butt up in the air feeling the stretch in her extended arms and down the back of her legs. It felt great. She thought this one may be tough on Dylan’s shoulder, and she looked over at him to see how he was doing. His arms and legs looked like bent sticks, and the sweat trickled off the tip of his nose. He cursed silently, and she burst out laughing and crumpled to the floor on her stomach.
“What’s so funny?” Dylan asked, coming down to his knees.
She rolled over to her back, still laughing. Regan knew she shouldn’t find Dylan’s attempt at yoga so funny, but she couldn’t help it. He looked ridiculous in his inflexibility.
“Nothing,” she said, trying to stop the giggles.
“Yes, there is. What’s so funny, Regan?”
At that point, she had tears rolling down her face, and she realized how stressed she had been. The laughter and tears were about so much more than Dylan looking silly trying to get into Downward Dog. She wiped her eyes, and Dylan appeared above her, smiling. “Are you laughing at me?”
She shook her head, and the laughter started all over again.
“You are laughing at me!”
Dylan then tickled her ribs, which he knew from the past that would send her into more fits of giggles. Despite being weak from laughter, she struggled against him, and he put his weight on her to keep her in place.
“Stop!” she yelled between gasps. “Please! Stop!”
After a moment, Dylan quit, and she finally got ahold of herself.
Their eyes locked, and her breath caught. It was then that she realized the intimacy of the situation. She was flat on her back and Dylan hovered above her. All he needed to do was lower his body to hers, and he would cover her like a blanket. Her body screamed yes, her head yelled no.
Something in her face must have said yes, because the next thing she knew, Dylan was on top of her, his mouth covering hers. It was as if her body had a mind of its own, because it wasn’t listening to her.
Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer. Her core became molten within seconds and her legs seemed to spread on their own accord.
Dylan gently stroked her neck, her shoulder, the side of her breast and down her hip. He bent her leg up so that he could bury his arousal deeper between her legs, and she cursed the clothing that separated them. She felt as though she would weep with the desire that rolled through her.
His tongue founds hers, and he nipped her bottom lip. He kissed the side of her face, and down the column of her neck. Finding the hem of her tank top, he slowly lifted it, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Letting out a groan, his mouth quickly found her right nipple and shockwaves jolted through her body at the contact.
Good God. After everything this man had put her through, he still made her feel as though she would explode with his touch.
She ran her fingers through his hair as his tongue wreaked havoc on her senses, bringing her nipple to a rigid peak.
His hips thrust into hers, and as she felt his arousal, she gave up trying to be rational and handed herself over to the experience. Lifting the hem to his t-shirt,she let her hands run over the ridges and valleys of his strong back.
“Oh, God, Regan,” he whispered. “You taste so good.”

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Yesterday’s Kiss


Is she really encountering her one true love from the past?

When Maggie Ramos signs her divorce papers, she’s determined to start a new life free from her ex-husband’s verbal abuse and unfaithful behavior.

As a new start and celebration, Maggie decides to take a trip to Bisbee and Tombstone, Arizona. Because of her fascination with history, the two places have always captivated her with their rich pasts.

During a tour of the Copper Queen Mine in Bisbee, Maggie’s encounter with a miner named Joseph leaves her questioning her sanity. Claiming that he is her dead husband from the past, he is determined to prove to her that their love was real. He takes her on a journey vacillating between the present and the early 1900s, leaving Maggie to wonder if her psyche is shattering, or if she is really encountering her one true love from the past.

Does true love transcend death?

Excerpt © 2013by Carly Fall – All Rights Reserved


She jumped and stepped back, putting a hand over her heart. The miner she had seen earlier stood before her, and now that he was closer, a strong feeling of recognition overcame her. She tried to remember where she knew him from, but the information eluded her.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “Do I know you?”

The man smiled, his teeth bright against his dirt-stained skin. She guessed his age at twenty-five or so as he took off his hat and ran his fingers through a mop of chin-length black hair. His light blue eyes twinkled as he smiled. “It’s me, Joseph. I’m shocked that you’re here. I knew you’d come back, Margaret.”

Why was he calling her Margaret? The last time someone called her by her given name she had been in line waiting to be summoned by the worker at the DMV.

A cauldron of emotions swept through Maggie, and she took another step away from him. Her heart raced as she tried to put a name on the feelings: uncertainty, excitement, relief, fear, and . . . something else she couldn’t pinpoint. For the life of her, she couldn’t place where she knew this man. However, it was obvious he was very pleased and seemed excited to see her.

“I’m sorry, but it’s just not coming to me. Where have we met?” she asked.

“Margaret, I’m your husband, Joseph. Please try to remember,” he said.

Her husband? What he said resonated as truth deep within Maggie, and she felt the urge to run, but something held her there, standing in front the miner. She shook her head. Obviously, this man . . . Joseph . . . had her confused with someone else.

“I wasn’t sure it was you until you smiled at me,” he said, “but then I knew. Only you could smile at me like that and light a fire within my heart.”

Maggie swallowed, trying to wet her throat so she could set this guy straight.

“I’ve been waiting for you for so long, Margaret. I’m so happy to see you.”


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Readers’ Favorite Award Ceremony

I know I promised I would blog about this right when I got home, but life sometimes gets in the way of my good intentions.

As most of you know, Noah went and won  himself a bronze medal. I had to lug that big boy across the country to Miami, Florida to collect it, and it was a lot of fun.

First, and most importantly, I had almost everyone I love in that room with me: my husband, my son, my parents and my college room from . . . I can’t even do the math from how many years ago. That’s why I write. I like letters, not numbers. Anyway, it was awesome to be surrounded by the people who make up the very foundation of my life.

The first thing I have to say is that the weather in Miami is just awful for someone who is used to the dry weather of Arizona. It was eighty degrees with 100% humidity. I felt like my jeans were made of cement, and my hair took on a whole new level of frizziness that I’d never seen before.

It wasn’t pretty.

So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Noah suitcaase

I shoved Noah in my suitcase. He wasn’t happy.

Noah bed

When we arrived in Miami, I put Noah to bed. He’s a cranky traveler.

Noah RFThe next day we went to the Miami book fair. Noah was prostituting himself in the Readers’ Favorite booth.


IMG_0041The next day we went to the Miami Aquarium with Anna and Papa (my parents). I always love watching my son interact with his grandparents. It makes me smile. sonwhales tailMy son also learned that if he ever comes face-to-face with a whale tail, he doesn’t stand a chance! How’s that for education while traveling?

me local flavorI also got my picture taken with some of the local flavor at Catch of the Day Restaurant

When awards night came, I tried to wipe the sweat from my body and make myself presentable. Did I mention the humidity there?

IMG_0072My son and me. Yes, I look like Flavor Flav with that medallion around my neck – I KNOWmeand hubs

My hubs, who was instrumental in the development of the Six Saviors

crowdThe crowd at the ceremony

IMG_0073After the ceremony, we hung out at the bar. This is my college room mate from <ahem> years ago

So in the end, Noah minded his manners, and a good time was had by all. Abby would have been proud.

Nov 29

Cover Reveal – Sunrise by Morgan Emerson

Sunrise Final - 1400x2100

One of my publishers, Bottom Drawer Publications, will be releasing Sunrise on December 8, 2013 as a permanent free read on their website and also a range of online booksellers. They are also giving away a $10 gift certificate for their online store! Enter below to win.

About the book:

A woman who is scared to trust, and a man who thought he’d never love again. A weekend in Cabo brings them together, but Miles wakes to an empty bed when Kat starts to feel things she shouldn’t.  When they meet again at a charity fundraiser six months later, how can Miles convince Kat that she can trust him with her heart?

Link to bookpage:!free-reads/cnec

There is a giveaway to celebrate the release of the book with a prize of a $10 voucher to spend in our digital shop which starts now and will be drawn December 9, 2013


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