Hello, all.

First, as all of you know, today is a sad day.  I hope all of you who lost someone in events of ten years ago today have found some peace in your hearts.

Never forgot, people.

This six is from my WIP tentatively title The Light Within Me.  My hero Noah has just been with a human female for the first time.  He’s talking it over with his buddy Talin.


Noah studied his friend.  Today’s t-shirt simply said, Raisins ruin everything, and he supposed if you hated raisins, then they could ruin everything from cookies to cereal, and probably a bunch of stuff he hadn’t even though about. After pouring, Talin sat back and smiled, his eyes glowing fluorescent blue.  “So, Noah’s got himself a female.  ‘Bout time, my friend.  You have no idea what you’ve been missing.”


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7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 9/11/11

  1. Hi *waves* I’d like to know more about the WIP. Do you have a tab somewhere that gives a little blurb about your WIPs? I’m wondering what this guy is if he’s not human.

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