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Feb 20

Second Sight – Book 4 – Supernatural Renegades

 May 17 An explosion in the jungles of Guatemala left Marine Zachary Johnson completely blind. While struggling to come to terms with his disability, a strange phenomenon starts to happen: whenever he stands in front of a mirror, he sees snippets of the future.   As man with a dark past, Zach is recruited by …

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Dec 28

The Way You Are – Supernatural Renegades Book 3

  While patrolling the jungles of Guatemala, Marine Garrett “Honey” Bloom found his life changed forever after an explosion, the blast leaving him with the strange supernatural ability to shape-shift into a bear. When a clandestine operative with many secrets offers him an irresistible job offer with his agency, Garrett finds his place in this …

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Aug 21

By Sea – Supernatural Renegades – Book 1

4.5 STARS FROM THE READING CAFE: BY SEA is an amazing and suspense filled storyline about betrayal, government secrets and finding love…Carly Fall has a gifted imagination where the supernatural blends with a contemporary storyline of romance and love; where fantasy and fiction equals seduction of the mind; and where the reader is pulled into …

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Aug 21

Meet the Character – Brody Teller – Supernatural Renegades

Welcome to my stop on Meet the Character blog hop, and thanks to Elise Marion for inviting me to join! I’d like to introduce you to Brody Teller, the first of the Supernatural Renegades. You can read his full story in By Sea, which will be out October 11th. Brody Teller was born in Maine …

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Jun 05

Atonement Playlist


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