Six Saviors Christmas Novella – Book 12

Dear Reader,

If you haven’t read Roman, then please, move along because this post isn’t going to mean anything to you.

As we leave Roman, there are three couples in the house who are at odds:

Noah and Abby

Blake and Sophia

Hudson and Beverly

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wrap up their stories without taking away from Roman and Olivia.

So, what I have decided to do is make these three stories a novella. All will pick up right at this book, and the stories will end on Christmas Eve / Christmas Day, hence the Six Saviors Christmas title.

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Hudson and Beverly:
When Hudson discovers a troubling secret, Beverly decides she needs some space.
Will he be able to make things right with Beverly, and take care of his responsibilities?

Blake and Sophia:
As Sophia reveals troubling news, Blake’s past comes back to haunt him and causes a huge rift between him and Sophia.
Can Blake let go of his past, look to the future, and mend his relationship with Sophia?

Noah and Abby:
As new parents of a baby who doesn’t sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, Noah and Abby are having difficulties finding quality time to spend together, and they must find a way to close the huge gap that has developed between them.




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Readers’ Favorite Award Ceremony

I know I promised I would blog about this right when I got home, but life sometimes gets in the way of my good intentions.

As most of you know, Noah went and won  himself a bronze medal. I had to lug that big boy across the country to Miami, Florida to collect it, and it was a lot of fun.

First, and most importantly, I had almost everyone I love in that room with me: my husband, my son, my parents and my college room from . . . I can’t even do the math from how many years ago. That’s why I write. I like letters, not numbers. Anyway, it was awesome to be surrounded by the people who make up the very foundation of my life.

The first thing I have to say is that the weather in Miami is just awful for someone who is used to the dry weather of Arizona. It was eighty degrees with 100% humidity. I felt like my jeans were made of cement, and my hair took on a whole new level of frizziness that I’d never seen before.

It wasn’t pretty.

So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Noah suitcaase

I shoved Noah in my suitcase. He wasn’t happy.

Noah bed

When we arrived in Miami, I put Noah to bed. He’s a cranky traveler.

Noah RFThe next day we went to the Miami book fair. Noah was prostituting himself in the Readers’ Favorite booth.


IMG_0041The next day we went to the Miami Aquarium with Anna and Papa (my parents). I always love watching my son interact with his grandparents. It makes me smile. sonwhales tailMy son also learned that if he ever comes face-to-face with a whale tail, he doesn’t stand a chance! How’s that for education while traveling?

me local flavorI also got my picture taken with some of the local flavor at Catch of the Day Restaurant

When awards night came, I tried to wipe the sweat from my body and make myself presentable. Did I mention the humidity there?

IMG_0072My son and me. Yes, I look like Flavor Flav with that medallion around my neck – I KNOWmeand hubs

My hubs, who was instrumental in the development of the Six Saviors

crowdThe crowd at the ceremony

IMG_0073After the ceremony, we hung out at the bar. This is my college room mate from <ahem> years ago

So in the end, Noah minded his manners, and a good time was had by all. Abby would have been proud.

Six Saviors Series Reading Order


Although each book can be read by itself, I know people like to read a series in order.

Here are the Six Saviors Books, in order.

Please click the cover and it will take you to a link for the book, which includes information on the book and buy links.

All books are available at major ebook retailers.


The Light Within Me is FREE at all major ebook outlets and

was the Bronze Medal Winner in Reader’s Favorite 2013The-Light-Within-Me200x300













Tangled Fates


“SR44 is no more.”

With those words, Cohen of the Six Saviors feels like his whole world is unraveling at the seams. Consumed by sadness, anger, and guilt for breaking his mating vows to his beloved SR44ian mate, Cohen makes a sacrificial oath to honor her in death.

Annis, a female SR44 Warrior, was sent to Earth right before SR44 was destroyed. But her new human body has restrictions—during the day she is blind, but once the sun goes down, her vision returns. As she struggles to find her place among the Six Saviors, she finds herself the target for Cohen’s unwarranted anger. An explosive argument between them ensues, changing their relationship forever.

Blake, a half-human half-Colonist, has finally discovered a place he calls home. As he and Annis grow closer, his feelings for her can’t be ignored, and he must figure out a way to stay true to his heart or risk losing her forever.

As the Six Saviors are forced into the underbelly of humanity to catch a Colonist’s offspring, and danger from The Platoon threatens to rip the Six Saviors apart, Cohen, Annis, and Blake must face the ghosts of their pasts and try to sort out the tangled web of their lives.


“Are you sure you’re going to be okay? You’re not going to do anything stupid, are you?”

Cohen stared at his fellow Warrior, Rayner, not really processing what he was saying. He was in a haze consisting of agony, disbelief, defeat, gut-wrenching guilt, and he had put a big, fat cherry on all that with some Captain Morgan, the rum of all rums.

He brought the glass to his lips, his hand shaking. He had to take a piss but didn’t know if his legs would carry his six-foot-four, two hundred fifty pound-frame. Instead, he shifted in his chair and ran his hand through his dark hair.

Finding out that your mate was dead could incapacitate a male.

Cohen looked over at the clock. It had been three hours, two minutes, and fifteen seconds since the news had been delivered, and the conversation kept replaying over and over in his mind.

“SR44 is no more,” Liberty had said. “When we left, it seemed our world exploded from the inside, leaving nothing. It is gone.”


His whole reason for existing had disappeared in one fiery, fuck-all explosion.

“Cohen, I need you to talk to me, man.”

He lifted his violet eyes to Rayner’s red gaze and took another drink. What he really wanted was to be left the hell alone. There was only one way that was going to happen; he had to convince Rayner that although he was devastated, he wasn’t going to off himself.

“I’m okay.”

“And you’re not going to do anything stupid?”

“Like what? Drink more rum?”

“No, dumbass, like hurt yourself.”

Cohen threw his head back and laughed. It wasn’t the normal sound that came from his throat, but something that resembled a bullfrog choking on Skittles.

The so not ha-ha funny thing was that he could remove his heart with a butter knife and tweezers and it wouldn’t hurt as badly as what was rolling through him now.

“What’s so funny?” Rayner asked.

“Nothing, man, nothing. There’s not a fucking thing funny right now. Obscene, yes. Disorienting, sure. But funny? Nope.”

Rayner’s eyes narrowed on him. “Where are your guns?”

It was obvious Rayner thought Cohen had lost his jar of dice and would blow out his brains. The guy couldn’t have been more wrong. Cohen had no intention of killing himself; he had too much to atone for, and he needed to be very much alive to do that.

But, whatever. “In the closet. In my gun safe.”

Rayner got up and went to the closet.

“You’re supposed to keep this thing locked,” Rayner said from inside.

He was supposed to do a lot of things. He was supposed to be concentrating on going home to SR44, to see his mate, Mia. He was supposed to honor his mating vows. Keeping his gun safe locked? Pretty far down on the list of important stuff he was supposed to do.

Rayner came out of the closet with a loaded-down black duffle bag.

“You sure you’re going to be okay, Cohen?”

No. Things would never be okay again. He was an SR44 male without his mate. Things were going to be one large pile of smelly crap for the rest of his days.

“Yes. Now go see Faith and leave me alone.”

Rayner stared at him a minute longer, his red eyes piercing him, then headed for the door. Cohen listened as the elevator dinged, announcing its arrival. When he heard the hum of the elevator taking Rayner away, he felt all his emotions—the guilt, the agony, the sheer disbelief that Mia was gone—swelling together, fueling the screams and cries of pain that emanated from his lips.

After a few moments, he was hoarse, and he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

He should have honored his mating vows to Mia, but instead he had been whoring around on Earth for the past seventy-five years of the two hundred twelve years he had been on this rock. His betrayal to her ran deep, and he needed to atone for his sins.

Oh, and sinned he had.