I’m very excited to be a part of the Sirens and Scales Box Set!

20+ stories about mermaids, sirens and dragons. What more could a Paranormal lover want?

My book is titled the Moonstone Prophecy

In the sleepy town of Saints Grove, Virginia, Eric never expected to find anything but a good sandwich at the Bar and Grill, friendly people, and a little rest and relaxation.

When an astrological event opens up the seams of the universe, paranormal entities swarm the town, some for noble reasons, while others only have evil on their minds.

As a demon attacks Eric, he is promptly saved by a woman with white hair and glowing blue eyes … the same woman who has been appearing in his dreams and showing him images of death and destruction while begging him to follow her.

He finds out they must work together to find the Moonstone – a relic that will save her world –  a world of dragon shifters. He will also discover his life from many centuries ago, how he ended up on Earth, and his role in the Moonstone Prophecy.







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