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Suza has written a blog post on Prophecy as it pertains to her book, and then we get to take a peek at an excerpt from the book. Take it away, Suza!

The women of the Savannah coven have all been blessed with natural gifts, powers that range from speaking to animals to moving objects with a flinger-flick. Once they gather on the St. Germaine island, they find out they’re more than just talented.  They’re witches.

When I began planning The Savannah Coven Series, I knew three things. I wanted the books to have magic, sisterhood, and mystery. What better way to raise the stakes than a prophecy left just for them to fulfill? Better yet, I thought, a three-hundred-year-old prophecy handed down by witches who’d fought the same evil centuries before.

One of the things I love about writing paranormal stories is there are no limits. The prophecy in the series is entirely from my imagination, but when it comes to the history of Savannah itself, I try to use as many facts as I can.

For example, the items the coven is tasked to find are all fictional, (I can’t say what they are, or this will be a spoiler!) but the places they’re discovered really exist somewhere in the city. So while the prophecy is imaginary, it’s fun to mix magic and destiny with the streets and buildings I can see for myself every day in the historic district.

Another good thing about the prophecy is that it reveals itself in bits and pieces to the coven.  The women are given the basics early on, but each of them has their own challenge to face. Each witch will be tested and given more information to work with, but with every trial the danger increases.

The prophecy reminds the coven they’re fighting a great battle. They aren’t simply trying to survive but to protect the lives of innocents who have no idea a supernatural war is being waged around them. Despite their strengths and ever-increasing power, the women of the coven are always at the mercy of something bigger, stronger, and more fickle. Fate.

Knowing they are destined to fight this war also worries the coven for another reason. Every woman who is called to stand also finds herself falling in love. When a pattern develops, the next witch called struggles with the fact a new man has been brought into her life. Will fate decide their soul mates? Or is choosing to love the act that will seal their victory and fulfill the prophecy?

The challenges facing the women provide plenty of opportunities to face their fears and learn about themselves, and the prophecy leaves questions unanswered. I hope you decide to visit the witches in Savannah and that you experience the same three things that they do.

Mystery, sisterhood, and magic.


Biologist Shauni Miller, a beautiful as she is compassionate, harbors a secret that could alter her life forever. If she chooses to share it. Dr. Michael Black helps Shauni in her time of need, but sees more in the raven-haired temptress than she ever meant to reveal. He knows she’s hiding something, but then, so is he. Both Shauni and Michael have a role to play and decisions to make as a centuries-old prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. Only the fates know if they are meant to be together. Or if one of them has to die.


Willyn opened her mouth to speak, but paused and looked down at the stone floor. All of the women stilled and listened.

They sensed.

Shauni grasped Hayden’s arm just above the elbow when she felt a low but very distinctive vibration. It was more like a hum and came from the floor, the walls, possibly the ceiling. It was all around them, and judging by the others’ faces, they felt it, too. “What is that?” she whispered.

A new voice spoke gently but with the authority of one who was well acquainted with privilege and position. “What you’re all feeling is the power of the nine.”

They turned to find another had joined them. Sable brown hair fell around her shoulders and brilliant blue eyes held warmth and welcome above a serene smile. “You’ll get used to it, so that you probably won’t even notice. And it only occurs when we’re all together.” Her lips spread into a playful grin. “Just wait until we link.”

“Cool,” Kylie said. “Hey, Anna.”

Shauni remained where she was but zeroed in on the elegant woman, still very young to be so comfortable wearing the unseen but almost palpable cloak of power. “Link?”

“You know why we’re here?” Paige asked. “Because I’m ready for some…”

“Answers,” Anna finished for her. “Yes, I know.” She stepped back and swept a hand toward a door in the back of the room. An invitation. “And I have some.”


Suza Kates can’t remember a time when she didn’t love books, but two particular memories stay with her. “As a young girl I picked up Little Women, read it straight through, and promptly turned to page one to start all over again. The next book I did that with was Mind Hunter by John Douglas, tales about profiling serial killers.”

 Thus a twisted romantic was born.

Throughout her teenage and young adult years, she read everything from horror to historical romance yet never imagined writing anything of her own.

It was during a long, cold winter in a tiny apartment in Germany that Suza picked up a pen and notebook to entertain herself. “The apartment was so tiny, my bed also served as my living room couch. Plus, I shared it with three cats.”

Missing the warmth, the hospitality, and the food of the South, she wrote about those things with a huge dose of family thrown in. She says she still has a sweet spot in her heart for her first book, Southern Moon, but to date, she hasn’t revisited it for submission to her publisher.

Suza followed her heart to Savannah, Georgia, and it was the gorgeous city with its moss-covered oaks and secrets of history that inspired her to consider paranormal romance. “I had an idea about sisters and magic, so I went to work on the first book of The Savannah Coven Series, Whisper of a Witch. The series is still going strong, and I am grateful every day that I took a chance on paranormal romance, a genre I wasn’t very familiar with and had never actually read before writing it.”

Suza has since joined RWA and can’t say enough about this organization. “The education and support are unparalleled. I am so grateful to all of my fellow writers who have offered advice.”

Suza still resides in Savannah and is currently working on her next book. She considers it a perfect day when she can sit at the keyboard with coffee in her cup and one of her cats purring in her lap.

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30 thoughts on “Whisper of a Witch – Suza Kates

  1. Savannah is such a great setting for a story. There’s just something about the water (and swamps), the heat, the cemeteries, the rich history, the charm, and the great Southern food!
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

      • Carly, wow, looking back, I want to say it took me about 7 months to write “Whisper of a Witch.” Much of that was plotting the overall series arc and setting up the character profiles. I still have my book of pictures that inspired the witches and their island mansion!

        I’ve always wanted to write about magic, and took the leap after reading some of my favorite paranormal books by Nora Roberts. The things I really wanted to give the series were a feeling of camaraderie and a world readers would like to escape to. I hope I’ve done both!

          • I’m not sure I can choose a favorite, because all of the witches have a certain something about them that makes them unique. I love Shauni’s compassion and her ability to speak to animals, yet I enjoy Hayden’s sensitivity, and Kylie’s unabashed youth as well.

            I would have to say the fan favorite is Paige,because readers are always asking what kind of man could take her on! She’s a fierce one. : )

    • Thanks, Sandy!

      I liked the colors, too when it came out. “Whisper of a Witch” is actually the first in the series, and now there are 5 books total. (Next one out in November) Readers say they look forward to seeing what the witch will look like on the cover and guessing who it is!

      • There you go teasing again Suza !! C’mon November – I am suffering setious withdrawls here! I’ve read everything you haveI available on Amazon waiting for the next one. LOVE ‘EM – MEAN IT. Can you throw us a bone on the next one…. puuulllleeeeeeezzzzzee?

        • Ha ha, Robert, I love it! The next book to release in November is “Possession of a Witch” and will feature Lucia Ruiz, the coven’s explorer. She’ll have some additional adventure elements thrown in with her love story, and a new danger to face. (The Amara will still be playing dirty in Savannah, too!)
          Thanksso much for your comment!–Suza

    • Hi Momjane!
      I’m glad you liked the excerpt, and thanks for stopping by today. The women of the coven all meet each other for the first time in this book, and there are scenes that will always be some of my favorites!

  2. I love that you are blending your imagination along with your knowledge of Savannah. I love the themes of magic, sisterhood, and mystery so it should be a great read

    • Thanks, Shannon!

      I hope readers enjoy a trip to the gorgeous and historic city of Savannah, and magic seems easy to come by here. : ) I’m glad you stopped by today!

  3. I have read all these books about the Savannah witches and loved them. I wish Suza Kates would come to my area of Virginia so I could meet her. I love that the witches are strong, with loving and caring personalities and they all seem to find the exact mate they need to continue to fight evil.

    I really enjoy the way I can see in my minds eye the sights and smells of Savannah.

    I look forward to reading more of your books – I feel like I’m seeing a very small window into you as a person as well.

    • I love the settings of Savannah with its rich history. I also enjoyed reading all the books in this series so far. Can’t wait for more of the Savannah Witches.

      Will also enjoy other books you have written and will do so soon. You are a wonderful writer and I hope you get to Virginia (Roanoke or thereabouts) soon so I can meet you and get a book signed.

    • Deborah,

      What a sweet comment, and I appreciate it so much! I would love to come to Virginia and haven’t been there since I was young. I have family near Lovingston.

      I’m thrilled that you’ve enjoyed the Savannah Coven Series so far and the female leads. I love women characters that have flaws and problems like all of us, yet are strong and able to love when given the chance.

      I enjoy getting to know more about each of you as well, and you can bet Roanoke just got put on the list if I ever get out on the road!

  4. Guys, it’s been so much fun chatting with you! My eyes are beginning to droop over here on the east coast, so I’ll check back tomorrow morning for any missed comments. Thanks for making this such a blog tour stop, and thanks again to carly fall. You all rock!!

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