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Here’s a quick look at what is coming out in the near future:


SecondSight-200x300May 17


Hudson and Beverly  from the Six Saviors will be appearing in the Hot Summer Nights anthology to be released this summer.

The next Six Saviors novel will be released September/October


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  1. MaryLou

    I am so happy that you are writing another six saviors book – What a great series!!
    A book for each of the last three saviors would be awesome!!

    1. Rita

      can not wait until the next installment.

  2. Susan

    Hi Carly,

    Will you be writing any books on the Dark Force series? I enjoy that series too, beside the 6 Saviors one.

    Regards, Susan

    1. carly


      Yes, the Dark Forces will be back in the near future :)

  3. Laurie

    Congratulations for being signed! =)

    1. carly

      Thank you Laurie! Very excited :)

  4. Elise Marion

    So happy to see you getting signed. You SO deserve it!

    1. carly

      Thanks Elise!

  5. Bonnie

    I really enjoy this series and am so intrigued with finding out the story of each of the warriors. So excited for the next one!!!!!

    1. carly

      Thank you Bonnie! Jovan’s story will be out by the end of the year :)

  6. Carrie Martin

    Hi Carly! I just finished the 3rd book of the Six Saviors, and I love this series! I see there is another one coming out, which I can not wait to read! You are an amazing writer! I hope you continue with the Six Savior series and write about all of them, because who doesn’t love to read about gorgeous men who cherish their mates the way they do! Thank you for such fantastic reading and hope to see more!

    1. carly

      Thank you for the kind comments, Carrie! I appreciate you stopping by :)

  7. misty

    I LOVED the six saviors series!! I could not put them down!!!! Can’t wait for more to come on the fourth and I am now downloading the dark series!!! Can’t wait! Misty

    1. carly

      Thank you Misty! I love hearing from readers, so thank you for stopping by!


    i so love the warrior series . couldn’t put the 1’st one down . i just got my new kindle and your book was the first i read i just love how you write just keep your books coming you have a gift for writing

    1. carly

      Thank you for stopping by, Virginia! I’m so happy you like the series!

  9. wendy

    I love your six saviors books, I read the first one and mediately went looking fir another one. The characters are excellent and the books just draw you in. Thank you for writing such great books.

  10. Dana

    I just finished the fourth Six Saviors book. Please….write! Can’t wait for the next one. Read all four in six days.

    1. carly

      Thank you for stopping by, Dana. I’m so glad you like the series!

  11. kim

    Wow! Love the Six Saviors series. Got all 4 books after reading the first one. Took me 3 days to devour them all…

    Can’t wait to get the rest…… hurry!!!!!!

    Thank you Carly for the wonderful stories!

    1. carly

      Thanks for stopping in, Kim! I appreciate it, and I’m so happy you love the Six Saviors!

  12. Dana

    WOW, just finished the dark force books, love them. When will another one be out? Just bought the Six Savior books. I am sure I will love them

    1. carly

      THank you Dana. I’m glad you enjoyed the Dark Forces, and I hope you like the Six Saviors as well :)

  13. Marci

    I have read all five of the Six Saviors books and both of the Dark Forces books. You are actually my favorite author and I can tell you I have read ALOT of books. I average about 4 books a week. You have a great imagination and a way with bringing your characters to life that pulls the reader in as if they were actually witnessing first-hand the events in the books. Great job. I look forward to the next installment of the Saviors series as well as the next in the Dark Forces series. A word of advice from an avid fan and addicted reader- do wait too long to bring the Dark Forces series back. You fans are waiting but in the interim they will search out other authors who may replace you.

    1. carly

      Thank you for stopping by Marci. I do appreciate your comments, and I will do my best to get you another Dark Forces as soon as I can ;)

  14. norma

    Hi Carly,

    I just found the 6 saviors series and love them! Great job cannot wait to read more.

    Thank you so much for the pleasure of reading them.

  15. Rosi

    I love the 6 Saviors series, I read them this week and waiting for next book to see what will happen , please hurry for next one, nice work you have done with all the books.

    1. Jim


      You ought to check out her “Dark Forces Series”. There are only two installments. (Carly, that’s a hint – LOL).

  16. Marjorie

    I love reading the six warriors but haven’t finished Cohen’s story, and I wanted to know if Talin will have his story?



    HOORAY!!! Just saw that Summer of 2014 Blake will get his story!! Poor guy seems to the red-headed unwelcome step-child.

  18. Janet

    Hi! Carly,

    Just want to tell you that I am an avid fan and enjoy the Six Savior Series and just now finishing the second book for the Dark forces, hince the reason for this message. I was wondering when the 3rd installment of dark forces would be out?

    By the way just want to let you know that I agree with Marci, for not letting us wait too long..LOL

    1. carly


      THanks for stopping by! I’m hoping to get another book in the Dark Forces out in 2014. I’m glad you liked the Six Saviors!

  19. Elaine

    Loved Loved Loved Six Saviors, whenever I feel down I will reread the series and enjoy them all over again. Great guys, please don’t stop with this wonderful series or should I say family!

    1. carly

      Thanks for stopping by, Elaine. I’m so glad you like the Saviors, and I’ve still got a couple more book in me ;)

  20. Kim

    So Carly, you mentioned a couple more Saviors books. Just curious if they are in process or something for the future? LOVED the series and miss those guys!! Thanks for the great reads!!

    1. carly

      Yes, there will be more books for the SS. They are in the planning stages as of now, but I’m fairly certain the next full length novel will be available in September :)

      1. Kim

        Awesome!! Can’t wait!! Thanks :-)

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