Revenge of the Fae

Revenge of the Fae (The Forbidden Fae Series Book 1)

A Fae hell-bent on Revenge. A shifter prison guard searching for answers. And a dangerous path to cross.

When a family member is murdered, Avery Dubois is led to believe the murderer isn’t human. But her wildly dangerous journey for the truth ends when she is thrown into solitary confinement in a paranormal penitentiary.

With the help of a were-shifter guard—Gabe—she discovers a theft from his pack may very well be connected to the murder of her loved one. Gabe agrees to break her out of prison on one condition: she provides him with the information she discovered to hunt down the one responsible for both crimes.

But rivalry between Fae and Shifters goes back several generations, and neither knows if they can really trust the other. And as they work together to solve both cases, Avery quickly realizes that helping Gabe could put her in more danger. If she doesn’t, however, they could both end up dead.

Fans of Patricia Briggs will love this exciting urban fantasy romance!

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