This page contains samples of all of my books that have been produced in audiobook format. The Six Saviors is listed first. Scroll down for the Supernatural Renegades .


You can get  the audiobooks at iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.


Please click the sample link to hear a few minutes of the book!

The Six Saviors – in listening order


Sample – The Light Within Me


Sample – Finding My Faith


Sample – Reborn


Sample – Destiny’s Shift


Sample – Tangled Fates


Sample – The Dream Walker


Sample – Atonement


Sample – Justice


Sample – Titus

Roman – Sample

Axel – Sample


The Supernatural Renegades in listening order

Sample – Troubled Waters (formerly By Sea)


Sample – Beyond the Past

Sample – Shifting Souls

Sample – Second Sight

Fire and Ice – Sample

Attempted Assassination – Sample

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  1. I already have all 10 Of the Six Saviors books. I still want updates anyway. Ie just started the other series By Sea.I really love the Six Saviors set. On my 2nd reading so far. I have them on my kindle paperwhite. I can them all because Iḿ 75+ and am limited on income; but I´ll them all as fast as I can. I gave them a five star all so far. Please keep them coming because I´m bedridden so I read continuously. Thank you Emily

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